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  • Global Zeus has grown alongside the development of the semiconductor, LCD, LED,
    renewable energy and IT industries. Regardless of the customer¡¯s geographic location or their specific
    needs and requirements, our company provides the highest quality in available solutions and excellence
    in customer support. This has been our unwavering goal and entrepreneurial spirit for over the
    ast 50 years and it will continue to drive our motivation and enthusiasm towards good business practices.
  • Through this objective, we have maintained our role as a total solution provider, implicitly partnering up with other sources to deliver a
    variety of products and solutions for the semiconductor and LCD industries. These products and services include cleaning equipment,
    HP/CP, in-line software (CIM), chemicals, parts, and robots.

    As an enterprise with more than 50 years of direct industry experience, we are thoroughly preparing for a second leap into becoming
    a global leading company by developing new fields of business. In order to achieve this accomplishment, we will improve the value of our
    customer relations by applying more distinctive and competitive ideas into the equipment that we make. On top of fundamentally applying
    pioneering measures to our equipment, as a team, all of our employees will desperately strive to further advance the company abroad
    under the flag of Global Zeus.

  • We will thrive to be a revolutionary company that develops and enhances industry-related optimization techniques for another 50 years
    and to play an unyielding significant role in today¡¯s society and the future¡¯s. We are more than grateful to accept your support and encouragement.

    Thank you
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